Cool Dessert Ideas for Gracious Southern-Style Entertaining

Southern Gourmet Desserts are Ideal for Entertaining

The South has always been known for its gracious hospitality. For generations, Southerners have embraced creative entertaining by hosting everything from elegant dinner parties with fancy desserts like Lemon Meringue Pie to fall football tailgating parties with easy-to-go desserts like Chocolate Fudge.

Whether hosting small, impromptu get-togethers or organizing stylish dinner parties, everyone enjoys reconnecting with the people who matter the most to them. And we can all admit—not only is it fun to host a party, it’s fun to hear your guests oohing and ahhing over your mouthwatering dishes.

That, my friends, is what Southern Gourmet is all about: giving you what you need to create amazing desserts based on secret recipes from an old Mississippi family, with minimum kitchen time and maximum get-together bragging rights. Whether it’s a rich chocolate mousse, a decadent crème brulee, an exquisite fudge or a good, old-fashioned pie filling, we’re pretty sure you’ll have more than one person asking, “How did you make this?!” while they reach for a second serving.

We’ll let you decide if you want to share your “secret” about Southern Gourmet, but we bet you’ll have more time to enjoy with family and friends if you choose to make one of our desserts for your next occasion.

And don’t let the prospect of hosting a beautiful party stress you out. Great hostesses aren’t born, they’ve just done a little homework! can help you out there as well. Beyond providing quick and easy dessert ideas, we at Southern Gourmet also want to give you recipe and entertaining ideas that help you capture the rich legacy of traditional Southern hospitality for your family and friends. Before you start planning your next party, or that fancy dessert for your next social event or holiday, visit us back here at for fresh ideas that will take minutes—not hours—and secure your reputation as a gracious, elegant hostess.

Until then, here’s hoping your life is simple, elegant and delicious.

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